Peace a Day at a Time

Intimacy means disclosure—full expression of ourselves to another person. Nothing held back. All bared. There are risks, of course: rejection, criticism, perhaps ridicule. But the comfort we feel within is directly proportional to the peace we've come to know. / 親密代表揭露---對另一個人完全地呈現出自己;全部裸露,沒有任何事藏在後面。當然,這是種冒險,可能會被拒絕、被批評,或被揶揄;但它的滿足感是直接與平靜成為正比的。( Peace a Day at a Time)



身體各項指數: BMI、體脂肪、內臟脂肪、基礎代謝率


Shad Kriyas : Nauli 瑜伽清潔法:吊胃