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謝謝大家的與會,希望大家今天有玩得開心,也對自己有更深的了解。整個講座很忙都要人格分裂,一下翻譯一下教課一下中英文切換教,安哥回家都要幫我排諮詢了這樣。姐整個是燃燒生命放靈魂進去在翻譯啊!希望今天的中文與會者還喜歡拎拎翻譯屎代油,淺白幽默是姐的特色,沒讓大家笑幾次會讓我覺得是場失敗的翻譯場子(捻鬚) ,最後硬是要跟阿度仔分享我們的台灣名產: 自拍棒(拿出來的時候有感覺外國朋友們很唉油) 

Thanks for coming everyone, hope you all had a good time and use CBT theory to understand yourself more. It was a long and busy day for me, as a translator and teacher both. People are making a joke about me now saying I have multiple personality disorder because I had so many roles to play today. I'll have to ask Andrew he has a treatment plan for that. I hope the Chinese speakers enjoyed my funny lin lin style of translation and could understand what was going on today. And I hope the foreign students liked our famous Taiwanese selfie stick pics too.



身體各項指數: BMI、體脂肪、內臟脂肪、基礎代謝率


Shad Kriyas : Nauli 瑜伽清潔法:吊胃